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Hi, I’m Cameron Symons, a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer based in Hampshire. My work aim to highlight my fondness between simplicity and strong ideas.
Since graduating from Falmouth University I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest design agencies in the UK such as The Partners, Smith & Milton and Clearbrand, to name a few.
Outside of design I enjoy running, cycling, surfing, travelling the world and learning Spanish.
If you would like to work together, drop me a message!

[email protected]
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Bagpipe Typography


Bagpipe is a clean, robust, sans-serif, stencil typeface, set in uppercase.
Inspired by Scotland and it’s architecture Bagpipe aims to define the strength of the nation.
Bagpipe has a geometric proportionate weight, balanced form and generous kerned spacing, making it ideal for display purposes.

Bagpipe Typographic Alphabet
Bagpipe Numbers And Punctuation Glyphs
Bagpipe Typography Banner
Bagpipe Typography Detail Animation
Bagpipe Urban Posters
Bagpipe Castle Magazine Cover
Bagpipe Castle Magazine Spread
Urban Bagpipe Posters
Bagpipe Set Of Three Posters
The Guild Logo
Packaging, Branding

The Guild

The Guild is a new microbrewery that puts the ‘hand’ in hand-crafted beer.
Inspired by the proposition ‘Local beer made by local hands’, The Guild is a homage to the craftsmanship and dedication of craft brewers. A community of like-minded individuals to share their passion for honest high quality beer.
The linocut identity supported by a warm colour palette is a nod to this community spirit and the breweries continuous journey to perfection.
Playful language through the advertisements and beer flavour names are inspired by the personal ways we greet eachother.

The Guild Logo Linocut Process
The Guild Bottle Packaging
The Guild Beer Bottle Carrier Packaging
The Guild Billboard Poster Advertisements
The Guild Beer Coaster
The Guild Beer Illustration
Climate Vs Change Out Of Home Posters
Brand Identity, Campaign

Climate vs Change

Climate vs Change is a visionary climate change startup bringing the fight back for a greener world.
Born with hope, optimism and a hint of attitude, Climate vs Change is centered on the proposition 'Fighting for a brighter future'. Influenced by the expression of boxing the language aims to make a direct impact.
The identity system is inspired by bar charts and scale lines found on thermometers, a subtle reference to our warming world.

Climate Vs Change Black Logo
Climate Vs Change White Logo
Climate Vs Change Letterhead And Business Cards
Climate Vs Change Website Homepage Design
Climate Vs Change Tote Bag
Bright Bowl Packaging
Packaging, Branding

Bright Bowl

Bright Bowl is a conceptual soup brand that aims to make healthy eating more appealing to young people, by repositioning itself as a healthy option, full of character.
This character is brought to life through a simple smile, inspired by the shape of a bowl of soup. A smile, full of positivity, goodness and healthy benefits.
Built on the brand essence ‘Full of smiles’ Bright Bowl puts a smile at the heart of the brand to further push the positive qualities of soup.

Bright Bowl Story Of Logo Animation
Bright Bowl Logo Colour Variations
Bright Bowl Coloured Logo Variations Animation
Bright Bowl Basil And Tomato Packaging
Bright Bowl Back Of Packaging Detail
Bright Bowl Packaging Range
Bright Bowl Urban Posters
Bright Bowl Instagram Story Green Animation
Bright Bowl Instagram Story Orange Animation
Bright Bowl Instagram Story Purple Animation
Bright Bowl Orange Tote Bag With Smile Icons
Bright Bowl Logo On Purple Hoodie
Bright Bowl Smile Icons On Green Pencil Case
Juggl Project Icon llustrations
Branding, Iconography, Illustration, Web Design


Juggl is a software as a service brand that helps make hybrid working easier for businesses.
Juggl Desks, the initial Juggl offering, enables employees to book desks in the workplace.
Born from the brand essence ‘Moving teams forward’, the identity is inspired by the act of juggling.
The identity uses juggling balls to symbolise the autonomy of multiple tasks being done at once. It also represents the movement of employees, from home to the workplace.
Circular forms, inspired by the shape of the juggling balls runs through the brand identity, from product iconography to the playful illustrations.

Juggl Logo
Juggl Brand Icon
Juggl Letterheads And Business Card
Juggl Website On Laptop And Mobile
Juggl Brand Guidelines
Juggl Icons
Juggl Product Interface
Juggl Illustrations
Juggl Digital Advertisement
Juggl Digital Advertisement
Juggl Digital Advertisement